Cool Jobs and Crane Lifts We've Done


Air Conditioner Lift

(August 2016)



Lake Ford Billboard

(February 2016)


lake elsinore ford billboard being worked on by cranelake elsinore ford billboard sign



Mount Chima Legoland California

(April 2014)


We loaded an 8,000 pound structure for the new Legoland exhibit, Mount Chima.  We had to pick it up vertically and lay it down horizontally to fit on the truck. The piece was 16' in diameter and required a police escort from Storyland Stuios in Lake Elsinore to Legoland in Carlsbad CA.  It had to be moved at 2:00 a.m.

crane lifting mount chima legoland california


Doomsday Bunker

(December 2012)

Many people are worried about doomsday, as a result they prepare themselves by building bunkers to, among other things, protect themselves from various disasters. On Saturday December 1, we lifted one of these bunkers for the good people at the Protective Bunkers & Survival Center so that they could showcase it for their grand opening. The Bunker is 42' long with a 10' diameter weighing in at 14,000 pounds and made of thick steel.

Doomsday bunker being lifted with 40 ton crane.


Lake Buick GMC Air Conditioner Replacement

(June 2012)

We do many air conditioner lifts, this one was with XTREME Air Conditioning. We were lifting a replacement air conditioner onto the roof of Lake Buick GMC.

Crane Lifting Air Conditioner at Lake Elsinore Buick GMC



Pool Lift

(April 2012)

Pool lifts make up a large portion of the jobs we receive. This is one of the swimming pools we lifted during April 2012.

A swimming pool being lifted by our crane.



Special Effects Dragon Lift

(March 2012)

On March 27, 2012 our crane operator Nate lifted a giant foam dragon for a lake elsinore based special effects company called Storyland Studios. The dragon was about 1,000 pounds (1/2 ton) and had a 30 foot wingspan. This dragon was being installed about 20 feet up onto the roof of the studio.

Our crane lifting a special effects foam dragon for foamworks.

A second picture of our crane lifting a special effects foam dragon.


Helicopter Job #2

(June 2011)

A three passenger helicopter had to make an emergency landing after the motor stopped. All on board are fine. We had to pick it up in rural temecula and load it onto a flatbed truck so that it could be transported to Long Beach for repairs. The helicopter weighed 2,000 pounds.

A picture of our crane lifting a helicopter that crashed.


Generator Job

(March 2011)

On Thursday March 24th 2011 our biggest crane, the 40-ton crane, was sent to March Air Force Base to pick up a generator. The generator weighed 16,000 pounds! That must produce a lot of electricity.

A picture of our 40 ton crane lifting a generator for March Air Force Base.


Boat Job

(February 2011)

Sometimes we lift boats, here is one of the boats we lifted recently. The boat weighed approximately 4,800 pounds.

Our crane lifting a boat.A second picture of our crane lifting a boat.



Plane Job

(January 2011)

A small private jet crashed around dusk in January 2011. One of our operators was dispatched to help lift the crashed plane. It seems in the confusion of wind and bad weather, the pilot (20+ years experience) forgot to extend the landing gear before touching down on the runway. Later it was found by the crash inspectors after lifting the plane that the landing gear was in working condition, but the warning light was not. No one on board the plane was hurt, the plane though fared worse and even though it had little structural damage had to be scrapped as it was deemed unsafe. Those broken props below cost $60,000 each!

A picture of our crane lifting a plane that crashed.


Ice Age Job

(July 2009)

As part of the release of Ice Age Dawn of The Dinosaurs we helped construct a large ice sculpture of one of the character named Scrat. (Scrat is a small squirrel type rodent in the film who always gets hurt while trying to collect food) During the job we lifted large blocks of ice and held them in place while sculptors carved them into the correct shape and they melted onto the rest of the sculpture and stayed affixed.

An ice sculpture of "Scrat" from ice age

This is an ice sculpture of "Scrat" for "Ice Age 3". Our crane helped lift it.

Another picture of our 40 ton crane lifting an ice sculpture of scrat.

Here, our crane has a suction cup attachment rigged to it for lifting the slippery ice. Part of the sculpture is being covered in foam similar to a small icebox to help it stay insulated and prevent melting.

- Over 60,327 kg (133,000 lb) of ice, gathered from across four states where used to make the sculptures!!

Our 40 ton crane lifting blocks of ice with a vacuum suction cup





Helicopter Job



We had to lift a helicopter destined for Ramona to fight fires. The owners wanted to install landing skids onto the bottom of the helicopter so we helped them by lifting it.

Our crane lifting a firefighting helicopterAnother picture of the helicopter we lifted.

On the left our crane is lifting the helicopter. On the right our crane operator Daryll is happily sitting in the helicopter he lifted.


Honorable Mention


Spa Job With Cal-West


Here we lifted a spa for Cal-West Resort Living, one of our usual customers.

Crane lifting spa


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